Britain's Next Top Model - Anastasia

I was delighted to be asked to do a photoshoot with Britain's Next Top Model Anastasia Ellis.  We were showcasing some gorgeous designs by fashion student Nazia from the BCU in Birmingham.  Anastasia was a delight to work with and a real good sport!  It's such a joy to work with talented and creative people whether they are the designers, photographers or models.

 Britain's Next Top Model, Anastasia Ellis, in action

Britain's Next Top Model, Anastasia Ellis, in action

Highlighter Palettes

There is so much choice of highlighters in the market these days that it's difficult to choose the best one, so I was delighted to discover the Sleek Highlighting palettes. There are three cream formulas and one powder within each palette and they offer great quality and super pigmentation.  My favourite is the Precious Metals palette with beautiful golden highlighters and shimmers. As we approach the holiday season, this palette will give your skin a gorgeous golden glow.  I use these colours not only as highlighters on cheeks, nose and cupids bow but also as eyeshadows and on the body to highlight your collarbones and add a glow to shoulders.  And what's even better is the price at a very affordable £10.00.  Happy shopping!

Sleek Highlighter Palette

Wedding Fair

It was great to chat to all the lovely brides attending the Wedding Fair on Sunday at the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford upon Avon.  There was a fabulous catwalk show (always popular) and other quality exhibitors, including wedding bands, celebrants, bridal dresses, photographers and cakes.

My friend kindly agreed to model for me and I created a real bridal look on her... dewy, glowing complexion, light shimmery eyes and pink lips with some light contouring.  She loved the look and when I took some photos of her she said it made her look 10 years younger!  It's all about applying the right products that photograph well in the right place. I used mainly MAC products for the base and Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vite palette on her eyes - the colours in this palette look quite dark, but the trick is to use sparingly to add just a hint of colour!

Charlotte Tilbury wonder products

I’m loving my latest Charlotte Tilbury purchases…

Her Magic Foundation is infused with vitamin C, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres and mushroom extract to give a full coverage to help conceal any imperfections or blemishes, whilst still feeling lightweight on your skin.  Perfect for creating that flawless finish.

Charlotte’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand is just that – a miracle for tired, dull and dark under eye circles.  It’s 2 step formula works magically – the hydrating under eye cream smooths out and firms the eye area, and then the light infusing concealer minimises the appearance of dark circles.  A win win!

Why using a professional makeup artist makes your wedding day!

One of the many questions that a bride-to-be usually asks herself is whether or not to hire a professional makeup artist for her big day. Most women know how to do their own makeup, so why not save the money and do it yourself on your wedding day? However, if having your makeup look amazing during your wedding (& for the wedding photos) is important to you, get it done professionally!! It’s better to spend the extra money to ensure that you won’t have regrets during your wedding if your eyeshadow fades, mascara runs or if your face appears too shiny/oily in the photographs.

Your wedding is a day you’ve most likely dreamt of and pictured yourself looking like a stunning princess. Let a professional makeup artist help you turn that dream into a reality! There are a number of reasons why you should get your makeup done by a pro:

– Photography makeup is different from your everyday makeup. A professional makeup artist will know how to perfectly apply it so you look radiant and photogenic in front of the camera. Being familiar with how makeup will look after the effects of professional photography, they will be able to apply it so your photos turn out flawless and amazing – no photoshop needed!

– A professional will know which products to best use for flash photography. For example, you do not want to accidentally use a foundation with SPF and have your face come out a lighter shade than the rest of your body in your photographs! A professional makeup artist will have a kit full of camera-friendly products.

– Your wedding day will be full of emotion and excitement. You will be moving around for hours while having people hug and kiss you, leading to sweat and tears (of joy!). You will want good quality makeup applied correctly so it lasts for hours and stays flawless and fresh.

– On your wedding day, there may be lots of distractions that will keep you busy and pre-occupied. The time spent on having your hair and makeup done by someone else will be a time for you to relax.

– A professional makeup artist will have knowledge of which products will work best for your features and enhance them. They will create looks that best compliment your dress, wedding theme and your personality.

If you are still hesitant about using a professional, why not book a trial! Take some photos of yourself after your trial run – I’m positive you will love the results!!