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As a professionally trained and experienced makeup artist working in the commercial world, it is Kim's job to interpret the makeup requirements of clients to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual representation of their brief.

This may involve very basic makeup for a TV presenter through to more complex period makeup or special effects.  Kim may be asked to create the makeup for anyone from a child to senior citizen, male or female, from very light to very dark skin.  Kim might be in a photographer’s studio, on a film set or out on location.  It’s a very varied and exciting life as no two days are ever the same and every day brings different challenges!

Often Kim will receive a brief or mood board which will be used as a guide for the photographer, stylist, makeup artist and hairstylist to describe the look the team are trying to achieve. Kim will do her research before the job to ensure she has the right products in her kit needed to produce the required look. Sometimes the brief is quite open in which case Kim can use her creative ideas to bring an extra dimension into the mix to ensure that the end result is something the client can be really proud of to see in print or online.

The assignment might call for a ‘classic’ beauty look or perhaps a more futuristic, revolutionary design.  Kim's role is to interpret the brief and come up with a practical approach that takes the vision to a reality.  As a makeup artist, it is important that Kim works as a seamless part of the creative team to ensure her makeup compliments the whole vision, not overpower it, but to ensure the perfect end result, whether film, video or still photography.

Editorial in Noctis Magazine showing juxtaposition of photography and illustration.

Editorial in Noctis Magazine showing juxtaposition of photography and illustration.

Editorial Shoot in Aston

Photographer: Michelle Howard

Model: Libby Rose

Photographer: Steven Underhill

Wristband: 1stMan1stWoman

Model: Dan Edwards

Images from photoshoot at The Other Place, RSC, Stratford upon Avon.

Photographer: Heather Merrills… Instagram: @heathercmerrillphotography and portfolio:

Models: Georgia Dispenza and Harry North.