Still one of the most called for looks within the beauty industry is the ‘no makeup makeup’ or natural beauty look.  The secret to achieve this look is to create flawless looking skin.  So whether that means mattifying oily skin or rehydrating dry and flaky skin, it’s all in the preparation of the skin prior to the application of any makeup.  It’s about taking time to let products sink into the skin and allow them to do their job.  The perfect skin needs to look real, so you can still see freckles, but no redness or blemishes.  Less really is more when creating the natural beauty look.

As a professional makeup artist, it is important that Kim is up to date with the latest trends in fashion and beauty.  Being trained in period makeup, whether 1920s or 1960s is also vitally important as, within the fashion world, there is often a reinterpretation of the styles from previous decades. Kim may be asked to block out eyebrows and apply facial adornments or re-create fantasy imagery for a fashion or catwalk show.  There may even be a bit body painting involved!

As a MAC Pro member, Kim gets invited to attend master classes taught by top celebrity makeup artists and receive the latest news, hints and tips from the industry’s best.  It means Kim is up to date on the latest products and must-haves!  Kim is also a Bobbi Brown Pro, which is a members-only program, and entitles her to special benefits and introduction to new products as soon as they come on the market.

Photographer: Fight the Light

Photographer:  Drew.K Photo

Photographer:  ByGarazi